The great pumpkin spice debate

Douglas Hardman
Opinions Editor

There seems to be a huge epidemic, growing bigger over the years, and I have finally had enough of it: all things pumpkin spice. Sure, it is fall and the smell of leaves and Ugg boots are in the air, but the over-abundance of pumpkin spice has gone too far.
This all started ten years ago at Starbucks when they first started making the soon-to-be despised (by me) drink. It was a huge hit and paved the way for the pandemic we are facing now.
McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts have followed suit in making pumpkin-flavored coffee, but the spice is not just for coffee anymore. New pumpkin-flavored items include: donuts, M&M’s, cakes, beer, coffee creamer, Pop-Tarts, bagels and even Vodka. They say you cannot have too much of a good thing, but I respectfully disagree.
No, I don’t like pumpkin flavored anything, besides roasted pumpkin seeds. I have tried pumpkin flavored coffee and I am not a fan.
But I did not care when everyone else liked it or that people still enjoy it today. I only cared when it became the Gangnam Style of the fall season.
There are more (and better) things that can fill the air of fall than just a simple gourd and cinnamon mix. Why can’t there be s’mores flavored drinks? Roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are the perfect fall concoction because they remind us of long nights, surrounding a campfire, looking up at the stars and embracing the crisp autumn air.
Honestly, I prefer the smell of a campfire and marshmallows roasting over a pumpkin.
We already have the classic hot chocolate; why not spice it up with s’mores instead of pumpkin? I am not saying we should go Yankee on everyone and make a flavor for every fall object; there are other things we can use to flavor our fall other than the overused, overdone pumpkin. Let’s get original, guys. I mean, why should the fall season be limited to only one “popular” scent/flavor/whatever else it is now?
And for all the crazy pumpkin fanatics out there, don’t hate on me because I disagree with you (this is not the Internet). I understand being obsessed and being a fanatic. We go crazy over little things and want to share them with our friends and family and strangers because we think everyone should love what we love.
While this is not entirely true, I still get it. But, again, I am not upset over the love of pumpkin, just the overuse of it.
I love the fall season as much as the next person, but there are more things to embrace and celebrate than a pumpkin flavored feast. This time of the year is meant to bring people together and I have never heard someone say, “You don’t like pumpkin spice? No holiday cheer for you.”
The season should not be limited to just one scent/flavor/whatever else it is. We all have different tastes and styles. I just think we should look at all the other things fall has to offer than just a pumpkin.