The Sound Off: what do you do in VB?

Abby Peterson:


As a student athlete, sometimes it is hard to find time to spend time off of campus. However, the time I do get to spend off campus is usually spent going to the beach or going to one of the many small (and amazing)  coffee shops off campus to do homework. There is a lot of food around as well, so I spend a lot of time off campus grabbing something to eat with my roommates or teammates. 


Ross Winner:

I enjoy going to Lake Lawson/ Lake Smith, it is about 10 mins from campus and has great walking trails along with plenty of spots for fishing. Downtown Norfolk is also a great place to go with lots of things to do. I like to ride the Lime scooters around town with my friends and explore the area. Lastly Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Area is a great spot to walk along the bay and also has many spots to go for walks in the woods. The best part is that it never really seems to be busy at this time of year and is free to park.


Richard Vasquez:

For people that want to get away from this area and visit another part of the state, a place that I would suggest would be Bennett’s Creek Park in Suffolk Virginia plenty of things to do there: disc golf, boating, JetSkiing, there’s golf range or driving range and there’s a playground for the kids as well.


Joey Mueller:

I am not from around VB so I like to find the small local spots. I like trying new coffee shops, local eats, and different areas of the beach. 


Brooke Morris:

When I’m off campus, I love going paddle boarding! I have an inflatable paddle board that I can keep in my room and every beach day my roommates and I bring it out! We normally to First Landing and we get to see dolphins all the time!