The Marlin Undertow

Go see this:

The Jungle Book a fantasy, drama film that is sure to put viewers in a place of nostalgia is out in theaters. The movie depicts the main character, Mowgli, who was raised by a family of wolves, learning valuable life lessons as he reaches self-actualization through the journey of his life. The movie has raked in $293.2 million dollars to date. Get your ticket now and find out what the rave is all about!

Keep up with this:

Netflix released the second season of How to Get Away with Murder: Season 2 on April 16. The first season left Netflix users on the edge of their seats as the final episode revealed a huge and surprising detail in the thick of the plot. Keep up with Annalise Keating during season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder so that you won’t be left out of the loop when season 3 premieres in September.

Drink lots of this:

With finals rapidly approaching, you may find yourself more tired than usual. Don’t worry, coffee will pick you right up off of those stacks of papers you have been avoiding for weeks. Whether you prefer dark roast or blonde roast, there is a flavor and roast for all coffee lovers. Drink up!

Courtney Herrick