They’re coming home, VWC, they’re coming home

Opinions Editor

It is officially fall and that means it is time for homecoming once again. Though the events have already started, the fun has just begun. Homecoming/Parent’s weekend begins on Friday, Oct. 4 and continues through Sunday, Oct. 6.
With a wide array of scheduled events, there is something for everyone to do.
Homecoming weekend features many different alumni events, including the Performing and Visual Arts Alumni Reception and Social on Friday and the Alumni Tailgate and Reunion on Saturday.
“It’s great to bring back the alumni for homecoming because it keeps students connected with their Alma mater and the alumni get to relive old memories and make new ones,” said Director of Alumni Relations Lina Green.
“Meeting the Alumni of Virginia Wesleyan is my favorite part of Homecoming weekend because it’s wonderful to see what my future may be like as a Marlin alumni,” said junior Charlie Krauser. “I hope the college keeps us as involved as they do now.”
Of course, the students get to have their fun as well.
The Homecoming Parade is on Friday, Oct. 4 at 2:30 p.m.
Students and faculty put on performances, contests and skits in crazy costumes while parading in front of the Hofheimer Library.
After the festivities, Oktoberfest hits the Boyd Dining hall as German inspired food and music fills the air.
Wrapping up Friday evening is the Masquerade Ball, promising a fun-filled night for students to celebrate another successful homecoming weekend.
“I’m looking forward to the parade and dance because I’ll get to see all my fellow students and all the activities everyone is involved in,” said freshman Liz Quamme, who is very excited about her first Virginia Wesleyan homecoming.
One of the bigger homecoming events this year is the Fall Arts Festival, which showcases Virginia Wesleyan’s unique, artistic students.
There will be performances by the Wesleyan Chorale, the cast of the fall musical production Big River and monologue presentations from the Acting II classes, along with a slideshow showcasing student artwork.
“I love watching my friends perform and seeing them do what they love,” said freshman and arts enthusiast Alexis Moncus. “It’s pretty exciting and I’m proud to support them.”
While the students and alumni engage in the copious amount of activities, the parents of the Marlin student body will also be rolling in to partake in the many festivities.
For some students, it is the first time seeing their parents in a while and for others it is a simple reunion or get together.
“I’m looking forward to meeting all my new friends’ families and seeing all the creative events and activities this weekend with everyone,” said junior Alyana Berry.
Family is a huge aspect in the Marlin community and sharing this festive weekend with family and friends (old and new) is important in establishing a strong sense of community, especially on a weekend such as this.
Whether it is seeing the parade, dining in Boyd with your parents, socializing with the alumni or just taking it all in, Homecoming Weekend really does have a strong community factor.
This campus is a community and a big event like this definitely brings all of the members closer together. So come out and experience all the fun, joy and memories of Virginia Wesleyan’s Homecoming Weekend.