Trashy trends of 2013

Social Media Editor

It’s that time of the year again. The time when we look back and think about all of the things we said, wore, did, watched, and read in the past year that we completely regret, and then choose to never think about it again. So, in no particular order, the trashiest trends of 2013.
1. Patterned leggings: Now, this is up to the individual as to how much you don’t like leggings. For me, it is all about anything with sheer panels. If you are wearing galaxy print leggings with those square cut-outs of sheer fabric you probably need to rethink your life, because you have some issues making up your mind. We get it; you want to wear clothes, but you don’t want commitment.
2. Twerking: I have never understood this. I get that every generation has its own dance: the hustle in the ‘80s, the lindy hop in the ‘20s and so on. But why is there a dance that specifically shows how classless and raunchy you can be? Now, I know there is some intense gluteus muscles required, but no one really wants see someone’s hands on the ground and underwear flying about.
3. Justin Bieber: He needed to stop as soon as he started, to be honest. Nothing irks me more than an overly privileged person taking advantage of the fans who keep him in business. Spitting on fans and laughing? That’s nasty. Drunk driving? You’re going to kill someone. He is no longer an acceptable tween idol and has devolved into our generation’s burnt out super star, like Michelle Pfeiffer or “Lost.”
4. Donuts substituting buns and/or bread: How did this become a thing? Let’s talk about where heart attacks come from, because if I had to make a list, this fat-filled food would be at the very top. Whoever thought of putting all of these calories together in one dish must have an early death wish.
5. Trend games: I’m talking about Flappy Bird, 4 Pics 1 Word, Temple Run, and games like that. What masochistic person enjoys playing a game that makes you want to violently murder your cellphone if you, God-forbid, lose the game. And, if you’re being honest with yourself, you only have the game to give yourself an excuse to not do your homework for a few hours and you’ll probably delete the game next week.
6. Overexposure: Hooters are everywhere. Not the restaurant. Boobs. I understand that we need to save the ta-ta’s, but I’m pretty sure that posting your breasts all over social media is not the way to go about it. In fact, there really is nothing good about it. If you are the girl who takes an “above your body” shot which mainly shows your breasts, then you’re part of the problem that gives us tasteful women a bad name.
7. Children and social networks: Why do kids have Facebooks? What do they need to tell us? They shouldn’t be getting into relationships, and what possible life moments could they have? “Graduating elementary school today!” “Finally potty-trained!” Do they even know how to do anything on Twitter? How do their parents know their kids are not following something detrimental to their social upbringing? It’s like when immature people took over Myspace and we older folks had to flee to semi greener pastures-not that Myspace wasn’t digging its own grave to begin with.
8. Selfies: Wow guys, aren’t I beautiful? Tell me how wonderful I am and how great it is that you can see my face that I filtered through three different programs to erase my every imperfection. Now, if you say you have never taken a selfie, you are lying and you know it. This is one of the trends that I doubt will ever go away. We love to look at ourselves. It makes us feel really good when we open Facebook and see how many people find us beautiful as well. However, I hate going to Target and seeing someone hold their phone in the air and make a duck face. Stop it.
9. Distracted walking: Ever seen someone walk into a pole because they’re on their phone? I have and it seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed. However, it’s still a huge problem, especially on a college campus. We get so hyper involved in texting, Facebooking, and other phone related things that we not only walk into walls, but chairs, tables and each other. Is it really so hard to put the phone down and make sure we don’t accidentally fall down a flight of stairs?
So here’s to another fun-filled year of shoddy choices, questionable styles, and nausea-inducing grotesque food options. As long as we do not have to think about them a few years down the road.