Vibes Nutrition & Energy juices up snack and drink options

Looking for a vibe this upcoming summer? Vibes Nutrition and Energy is a family owned and operated nutritional food business located in Virginia Beach on 1650 General Booth Boulevard.

The business creates a bright and modern atmosphere to come and enjoy a multitude of healthy treats; such as shakes, smoothie bowls, protein donuts and hydration teas with various add-ons available.

Vibes Nutrition and Energy is a family fitness oriented business with health coaches Theo and Lesli Baker being parents of two children while managing their establishment with the help of their relatives. 

The owners are both locally connected to the Virginia Beach community by being Christopher Newport University alum who grew up in the Hampton Roads area.

Owner Theo Baker explained their mentality when opening Vibes Nutrition and Energy. Theo Baker said, “We wanted a place that people in our community such as friends and families could go and have a healthier fast food option that keeps their bodies feeling happy and healthy.”

Vibes Nutrition and Energy gives the community a place to fill that sweet tooth craving and not feel bad about it. They give  healthy sweet options with many shake flavors like brownie batter and birthday cake containing 24 grams of protein. There is a wide range of flavors and drinks with several additions with nutrient value like vitamins, protein, electrolyte, fiber and collagen boosts.

Freshman Breanna Sviland explained her process when picking out her choice of drink. “After talking with Theo and Lesli, I decided to get the Beach Please electrolyte tea with acai, lemonade, and blue raspberry flavors inside. I really enjoyed this drink because it was sweet without being overpowering and even kept me hydrated,” Sviland said.

Vibe Nutrition and Energy helps keep the community hydrated in an inspired and clever way. Freshman Sophia Bourassa caught the vibes when she visited and shared her enthusiasm for a business owner who cares about their customers.

“Having a local family owning a modern business that promotes healthy living to all age groups really is beneficial for the Virginia Beach community. People need to watch what they eat nowadays and places like Vibe Nutrition and Energy contribute to healthier fast food and drink options,” Bourassa said.

Owner Lesli Baker shared values on promoting nutritional value for families in a creative way. “Teaching my kids the nutritional importance of what they put in their body while showing a healthy diet doesn’t have to be restrictive eating and sharing that throughout the community is what I hope to do with our business,” Lesli Baker said.

Monthly and seasonal menu items are released throughout the year. Vibe Nutrition and Energy gave the Marlin Chronicle exclusive tastes of new summer tea flavors including “Flex On the Beach”, “Midnight Summer Jam” and “Dad Fuel” for the warm weather coming to Virginia Beach.

If you tell the workers you are a student at Virginia Wesleyan University, you’ll get a student discount as the Baker’s attempt to promote education within today’s youth.

by Mikayla Szudera