Virginia Wesleyan gets spooky as Halloween activities come to campus

As the fall semester quickly progresses the next big question is, “What is Virginia Wesleyan University going to do for Halloween this spooky season?” A favorite holiday among many university students, Halloween is one of the biggest celebrations during the school semester.

 Previously known for large costume gatherings, parties and costume contests, Halloween has had to be altered this year due to the fear of widespread pandemic across campus from school administration and students. 

Sarah Guzzo, head of Student Activities and Director of Off the Hook, warned; “it only takes one event where considerations are not taken that can affect the whole community.”

Have no fear though, there are events hosted every day Halloween week on campus for students as well as a number of events leading up to Halloween to get people excited and in the spooky spirit. 

To begin, Off the Hook is hosting a scary movie presentation on Rose Lawn. The movie will be Scary Movies to Tell in the Dark, and will be shown at 9 p.m. Students are asked to bring their own blankets and lay them across Rose lawn to enjoy the film while socially distancing. School guidelines must still be in effect to keep students safe so, as long as there’s plenty of social distancing, masks are not required for blanket goers.

A large amount of the events that have been proposed have been considered and deferred against due to the inability to stay COVID-19 safe. There was a Haunted Trail in the works for this Halloween season but Off the Hook and Student Activities are struggling to find ways to maintain the fun of the trail while also being COVID-19 considerate. Some of the biggest issues that the school has run into include trying to keep social distance while still being interactive, keeping a low number of participants to stay safe while also making sure everybody has a chance to come and integrating online resources along with in-person interactions. 

Some of the other events that have been approved as COVID-19 safe are a Kahoot Spooky Movie Trivia Night (hosted on Tuesday, Oct. 30), an in-person Among Us game to create a team and social atmosphere, and more events to come and be announced. Make sure to continue to check your school email and school social media pages for updates on the spooky events that are happening this semester.

Other recently announced events for the Halloween Week include Pumpkin Carving at 2 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26 on Batten Lawn, and Movie Night at the Pool at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29. 

All concerns considered, Student Activities and Sarah Guzzo are working tirelessly to try and put on as many COVID-19 safe social events as possible for the campus community. They know that what really is important here at Virginia Wesleyan University are the social interaction, the friends and the memories that are made with them. These are the things that make a true college experience for the students at the university.

By Robert Solomon