Voting offers power for change


Hailey Benders|Marlin Chronicle

To me, voting is, in a sense, an obligation. There are people who have put their lives on the line for us to have access to voting rights. When we vote, we aren’t just talking about people who sit in chairs and look pretty. Officeholders impact society. When we vote, we are talking about people who have a say in our health care, criminal, environmental and education systems. 

With that being said, while voting is a great power, there is room for destruction of the progress that has been made through history. I can honestly say that it is convenient to vote the way our friends and family vote because it is comfortable. 

However, above all things when voting, humanity comes first. I question the character of the candidates before jumping on the bandwagon. What are their views on war? Would they hold a fellow party member accountable for actions that are unethical or unjust? When legislation is introduced, are they willing to cross the aisle and make a compromise? 

Truth be told, leadership is not a position that should be given to someone just because they are “strong with words” and willing to “fight” by causing division in the nation. Leadership sets the precedent for what is going to happen in the future. Without a future, there is no tomorrow!

The Presidential Primary Election in Virginia will take place from March 5 through June 18. This process is simply just allowing Virginia voters from different parties to select a Federal Candidate to represent their party. This determines who will represent the Democratic and Republican parties in the national campaign after all states have submitted their votes.

The Presidential Election will take place Nov. 5. It is important that universities get involved as they’re also impacted by legislation and funding such as VTAG (state financial aid) and FAFSA (federal financial aid) procedures.

VWU’s Wesleyan Engaged Department does promote Civic Engagement events around campus such as Polls & Popcorn as well as tabling events in Batten. Students should be on the lookout for information!

This election is crucial considering that humanity is on the line. Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Equity and Public Safety are also important issues that will be impacted by this election. We will be sacrificing a lot if we don’t vote! 

Vote. Humanity. First.

Christopher Mercer-Garrett is a first year majoring in Criminal Justice. He stays involved in Student Engaged activities as well as Campus Vote Project Fellow. Christopher looks forward to voting without hesitation and can be reached at

By Christopher Mercer-Garrett