Truck hits freshman

Pole Vaulter suffers from various injuries

Freshman pole vaulter Timothy Muslusky was hit by a pickup truck on Nov. 8 on Wesleyan Drive. He miraculously survived the crash with relatively few injuries.

Doctors told Muslusky he had a severe concussion, a sprained ankle and a sprained back. Furthermore, his back is adorned with lacerations and he received two stitches in his head.

The truck hit Muslusky while he was practicing with friend and teammate, freshman Patrick Bernard Jr. According to Bernard, the incident occurred on Wesleyan Drive by the light near Norfolk Academy. Bernard said this was not a route commonly taken by him and Muslusky, as they had just recently begun track practice for the season.

Muslusky was crossing the median into the street during a red light when the truck hit him.

“I looked both ways to make sure the light was still red and see if there were any cars coming. When I ran, the truck met me before I could see it,” Muslusky said.

The driver responsible for the accident remained on the scene in order to ensure Muslusky was okay. Following contact with the truck, Muslusky reported blacking out. Bernard states that Muslusky returned to consciousness within a few minutes and was alert upon the ambulance’s arrival.

“Tim’s a trooper,” Bernard said.

Bernard expressed surprise that Muslusky’s injuries were not more severe.

“He’s blessed. That was God right there,” Bernard said.

For the injuries that did result from the accident, Muslusky said painkillers and muscle relaxers are aiding in his recovery.

Initially, Bernard was the only individual at the hospital with Muslusky. However, the track and field coach, along with fellow teammates, came to give their support to the injured freshman. Muslusky stated that he had his uncle and a close friend stay with him during his time in the hospital as well.

Muslusky reported that his coach is concerned this injury may inhibit his ability to run. Time has been a large factor in Muslusky’s recovery with the track season having started on Nov. 14. Muslusky stated that he would be returning to practice this week.

Since his parents reside in Ohio, Muslusky is not entirely certain of their reaction to his accident. However, he did say that his mom expressed concern.

Muslusky said he has received a great deal of social support from people on campus. He specifically cited members of the Marlin Ministries community.

“Several of the guys have been praying with me and came and saw me, made sure I’m okay, and saw if I needed anything,” Muslusky said.

Data shows that Muslusky is one of hundreds upon thousands of pedestrians who get hit by motor vehicles each year. According to data provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, 297 pedestrians were hit while crossing at non-intersections in urban environments during 2015 in the state of Virginia. This accounted for 16.6% of Virginia’s pedestrian injuries in 2015. The only act that accounted for more pedestrian injuries than crossing at a non-intersection was crossing at an intersection with a signal. This accounted for 16.9% of pedestrian injuries in Virginia during the year 2015.

Updated from Nov. 11., 2016.

Ashley Kline

(Photo: Anthony Dellamura | Marlin Chronicle)