WGS goes Greek

Women and gender studies issues affect everybody whether they realize it or not. A women’s studies honor society on campus demonstrates the importance of feminism to the rest of our student body.  

Wertz became interested in starting up the chapter when she realized that many of her friends have established an Honor Society for their major.

“I thought it was important that the WGS majors and minors on campus to feel recognized in their major/minor just as other people are” Wertz said.

Many other majors at Virginia Wesleyan College already have an honor society and have been around longer.

As the new president of Iota Iota Iota, Wertz has achieved many of her goals already.

“I have achieved everything I had hoped for. I was able to bring the chapter to campus and we’re on our way to having our first induction,” Wertz said.

As for the VWC community, Wertz does plan on getting the Tripta Chapter involved more as the year is coming to an end. She wants to get the word out about Triota and set up the chapter for the future member and presidents.

The Triota Chapter wants to recognize the students who put in the hard work in their classes each semester. Academics is a vital part of the organization and members must maintain a 3.0 each semester to continue in the chapter. Although to join the chapter you do have to be a major or minor in WGS with at least 6 credit hours.

Although not many students are aware of the new chapter just yet, Wertz plans on informing the VWC community about all it has to offer.

“All WGS majors and minors have been emailed. I have also posted about it on Facebook and encouraged future members to do the same” Wertz said.

Triota seeks to unite the WGS community intellectually through its activities at VWC.

Although Wertz still has a lot of work she is doing for the chapter right now, she still has high hopes and determination for the Triota Chapter.

“I want to reach out to other student organizations to see what kind of partnerships we could create in order to put us out there.”

She plans on the chapter getting involved in some big events that may create awareness for the VWC community and for the WGS society. Some of the events and partners that she plans on getting involved with include Take Back the Night, Phenomenal Women, BSU and Spectrum.

Wertz has already started working on getting officers for the chapter and as far as members go they are still waiting for final applications. Although the deadline for applications was April 3rd, it will reopen again towards the beginning of next year.

“I think it is important for others to know that we are interested in advocacy and activism as part of our Honor Society” Wertz said. “I also think it is a huge part of the Women’s and Gender studies major/minor.”

The first induction for Iota Iota Iota will happen later in the month.

Kasey Newcomb