Why FALL for pumpkin spice

Well, it is that time of year again, the fall season has begun. So that means it is time for the leaves to change color, the air to start cooling and the pumpkins to make a comeback.  The fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year, but one aspect of it has always puzzled me: the obsession with pumpkin spice.

I, myself, am a lover of pumpkins, but do not understand why every year we always see a comeback of pumpkin spice lattes, coffee, and other various foods and drinks. In today’s world, it seems as though pumpkin spice has become a symbol for the fall season. I understand that pumpkins have always been a symbol of fall, but do we have to turn them into an obsession that we must yell about every year.  Pumpkin spice, in my opinion, has become the new meme to represent this time of year. I hear the same comment over and over year after year, “check out my pumpkin spice latte,” or “you have got to try this pumpkin spice coffee.” To me, hearing these comments over and over again every year takes away the positive feelings I usually have towards pumpkin-flavored anything. As I just said, I love pumpkin-flavored foods.

Every year at my house, around Thanksgiving, my family has pumpkin pie as one of the desserts that is served.  It makes having pumpkin pie taste better and feel like a special dish when it is not obsessed over. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin roll cake are two other common pumpkin-flavored foods that I love. However, I realized in recent years that my taste for these pumpkin flavored foods practically goes out the window, especially when I am here at Virginia Wesleyan. Before anyone says anything, no, I am not getting on Virginia Wesleyan’s case, I am getting on the case of those who do not stop talking about their love of pumpkin spice. Also, I am not saying that you should not say how you feel about your favorite foods. I am saying that one does not need to throw it in everyone’s faces at every chance they get.

Pumpkins are an interesting symbol for the fall because alongside the foods and drinks made from them, you also have the classic tradition of making jack-o-lanterns. I bring this up because I want people to remember the other uses pumpkins have besides pumpkin spice items.

Another point I would like bring up is that if you are obsessed with pumpkin spice flavored foods and drinks, why wait until the fall to have them. Pumpkins may not always be in season, but you can normally find the makings for pumpkin spice somewhere year around. I mentioned earlier that every year my family has a pumpkin as one of the desserts for Thanksgiving, but if we feel hungry for it we may go to the store and buy a pie or some pumpkin bread if it is on sale. You could be one of those people who feels they must wait until the fall to enjoy this stuff, but you are your own limiter. If you want pumpkin spice in the spring or summer, then go get it.

A love for anything is great to have, but we should not be allowing ourselves to rant on and on about it. Enjoy the foods you love, tell your friends about them, but for everyone’s sake, do not turn what you love into such an obsession that it becomes meme-level annoying.

Jonathan Joyner