You Trippin’?

By Taylor Boyd

On the early morning of Nov. 2, a wonder of great proportions occurred. Some people forget about the importance of this day, but I make sure to mark it on my calendar. To be honest, I celebrate it as if it were a holiday!

Well, if somehow you are still uncertain of the importance of this day, I should inform you that the day I was referring to was Daylight Saving. From this day until March 9, we will fall back an hour in the day.  Think of the infinite possibilities you have with an extra hour added to your day.  From partying to procrastination to sleeping, the possibilities are endless. And remember the homework you were unable to complete because of the “loss” of the hour in the spring?  (And not because of procrastination or anything like that). Well, consider that to no longer be a problem, s you have another chance to complete it.

As you can see, I am a huge advocate of all things daylight saving, but at the same time I wonder exactly how this is even possible. Sure, there is the science behind the phenomenon, dealing with how the sun sets on different points of the Earth during different seasons, but I am not even referring to that. I am talking about how it is possible to do all those things in that one hour and how good we are at doing it.

In my opinion, it’s like the extra hour we gain takes time in the place of a minute. It’s like time stands completely still in that hour in order to allow us to catch up with our various errands and activities. And as soon as the hour passes, time starts back up again at its normal pace. I guess the reason why we do not notice this freezing of time is because we are in a state of flow. We are so focused on our activities, we do not realize how fast the time passes by, or should I say does not pass by. Daylight savings is truly something that should not be taken for granted.