Fashion Week faux pas

Every year during the first weeks of September the world’s biggest icons, critics, lovers and designers gather to see who and what is ripping the runway. Yes, Marlins,  another fashion week has come and gone, and we’re still daydreaming about the bralettes , bold animal prints and the brawls taking place during New York Fashion week.

Many students followed fashion week to see singer, Rihanna’s daring lingerie debut that was almost sabotaged by Marc Jacobs, who never disappoints.

“If I could’ve gone to fashion week I definitely would have been most excited to see the Rihanna’s closing show of the Fenty line. She would be the only mainstream designer that I would want to see.” Senior Deej Hester

Rihanna’s fashion show was a success being a show like no one has ever seen. The models chosen doubled as actresses making the show more like a modern dance performance. The show inspired women all over as they were different ethnicities, and different sizes.

There were women built like football players, women with stretch marks and even pregnant women! The show was not standard at all but neither was this year’s years’ fashion week.

If you weren’t paying attention to to the fashion, the fight definitely caught your eye, and Cardi’s too. “I do not pay attention to the fashion during the week, I do enjoy listening to and watching recaps of celebrity drama that occurs at such classy event,” Senior JaQuais Taylor.

At the Harper’s Bazaar icons party, female rapper Cardi B lunged at rapper Nicki Minaj in an attempted attack. According to CNN, this left Nicki mortified. “I remember looking at the altercation of Nicki and Cardi on social media and thinking how crazy is this? who fights at fashion week, neither the less at an icon event. Nicki Minaj looked great and so were her pictures! I’m definitely team Nicki!” Senior Caimaya Ashton

In the video that surfaced, you can see Cardi B wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress, plunge toward Nicki Minaj before both were pulled back by many bodyguards. Cardi B managed to throw her shoe, she missed and somehow was escorted out with a shiner on her eye.

We can expect to see some of the looks from the multiple fashion weeks over the course of the month as the icons travel to Milan and Paris daydreaming at the luxuries of fashion week with one question in mind, “ how can I get the same 10,000 look for about $1?”

Ashllee Spurlock