A Penny For Your Nightmares

Reach your hand into the chest of the monster who traumatize your entire childhood and crush his heart until much like your fear, it is nothing but dust. Do we still fear 1990 Pennywise? If you are going to the movie theater with the expectations of a horrific yet nostalgic movie, it does not do the original “It” justice. “It Chapter Two” forces the same group known as the ‘Losers’ Club’ to come together after 27 years.

Coming into 2019,  Pennywise is going above and beyond to get the attention of his precious Losers’ Club. Though you may have expected to be at the edge of your seat with fear, it is much more comical than expected. It is clear after you are reintroduced to each character that Pennywise has definitely left his mark on them, but has he left his marks on viewers?  

Though there are some unforgettable, gruesome moments that occur during the movie, the ghastly graphics do not compare to the intense, heartwarming ones. Both are pulled off due to the amazing actors. The choice in cast truly pulled the movie together; the pain in each character’s eyes became more real every second they fought for their survival and the safety of their town. Above all, these actors in particular give the audience the best connection possible while attempting to present the most wholesome version of “It Chapter Two” they could.

You stray away from the fear you once shared with a group of children trying to save their small town. A new relationship is formed with this same group who are now full-grown adults reliving their nightmares. After learning about each of the characters lives, you come to the realization that they may have needed their return in order to save themselves. This movie is ideal for the older generation who was introduced to it back in the ‘90s as well as for the new generation who is looking for a moderate story line with a couple scares.Whether you have seen the original or not, I recommend the movie because of its comical sense with an ending that might make you shed a tear after learning what happens to the Losers’ Club.

Valery Caraballo