Ehh… What’s Up, Doc?

The Honorary Easter Bunny of the City of Virginia Beach is still hopping strong this year! Junior the Bunny, resident of The Bunny Hutch, is America’s largest Bunny as proven by the Guiness Book of World Records. He is of a breed known as the Continental Giant, and has become a dear friend of this publication.

Junior, his full given name being Lord Roland Watson Beldon Maxwell VIII, is named for his father, who it the largest rabbit in the entire world, tipping the scales at 50 pounds. Junior is a meek 25 pounds of fluff in comparison, but it still growing at 3 years old and may still catch up to his dear old dad.

After gaining media attention for his exceptional and unusual stature, Junior was named the official Easter Bunny and his keepers at the Bunny Hutch couldn’t be more proud. Located at 1165 Jensen Drive, Suite 100 in Virginia Beach, the Bunny Hutch is partnered with the CLIMATES Rescue which supports exotic animal rescue in and around Hampton Roads. The Hutch also raises fund for their mission by selling pet products and exotic animal swag in order to better the lives of the animals in their rescue.

CLIMATES Rescue hopes to one day be able to open pet store and habitat facilities to better educate the Hampton Roads area of the care of exotic pets and critters and Junior is their biggest ambassador to this project. The attention that Junior brings in yearly is a great help and is the top feature on The Bunny Hutch website.

They are always looking for volunteers and its as easy as checking out their website Not only do volunteers get to meet Junior himself, but also assist with the menagerie of over 200 animals in CLIMATES care. For volunteers under 21, the Zookeeper-For-A-Day program in another great opportunity to get hands on with the critters. Any day of the week for just one $75 donation an animal lover can care for some furry friends and do some good. For more information, visit The Bunny Hutch website,

Emily Vial