Celebrities bring the show to you

A number of celebrities have decided to perform some concerts online as well as holding their talk shows from home. Celebrities are truly getting creative and finding ways to keep the public entertained, even when they have to stay at home. 

Some of the most well-known talk show hosts have been making us laugh from their very own homes. These hosts vary from Ellen Degrenes, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah to Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon truly stole our hearts with his daughter committing to the role of his band and though it wasn’t her best, she definitely warmed the hearts of his virtual audience. All of the other hosts have still continued to host their shows and provide a couple memorable laughs. Along with this, each of these hosts have made it very clear that since they are practicing social distancing and staying home, the viewing public should do so as well.  

While these Tonight Show hosts managed to brighten days and nights with their humor, a lot of memorable at home concerts have taken place during quarantine as well. Artists like John Legend have taken their performances to the next level by going live pantsless, and for a lot of Legend fans this was a quarantine bonus. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s at-home concert was just the beginning of a launch of a series of online concerts which is called “Together at Home.” “Together at Home” featured performances by Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Billie Ellish and Lady Gaga. The “Together at Home” event received millions of views that brought the community together at this difficult time.

 To top off the at-home concerts and TV shows, some artists went above and beyond in supporting quarantine by starting a Disney family sing along. Disney gave families an opportunity to sing along with artists from home to some of their favorite Disney songs throughout the years. As difficult as the time might be, the media is still finding a way to connect the public with some of their celebrity favorites.

Valery Caraballo