‘Les Miserables’ opens at the Chrysler Tuesday

Rachel Balsley


Even if you hadn’t heard of Les Miserables before it was turned into a hit movie, you probably have now that it is a musical on a national tour. The tour brings the incredible show here this coming week, opening at Chrysler Hall Tuesday April 26 through May 1. Showing at various times throughout the week, you can witness the worldwide sensation this musical has become.

The musical tale of tragedy and pain will not only surprise, but inspire you with the unbelievable tale. Set in France and based on the book by Victor Hugo, the musical sings you through the life of peasant seeking redemption after a life in prison for the theft of a loaf of bread.

The heart braking tale pulls audiences into the revolutionary setting and dynamic characters in a show you will never forget.

Visit Chrysler Hall’s website for ticketing information and prices.