Christmas Tree Lighting

Virginia Wesleyan’s Christmas Tree Lighting tradition is coming back to campus on Friday, Dec. 3 at 4:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to take part in this tradition returning to campus as the tree outside of the Monumental Chapel and Beazley Recital Hall is lit and decorated for Christmas. 

Students can enjoy not only the tree lighting but also the 12 Days of Christmas sing-along that Marlins Off the Hook is hosting, another Christmas tradition at Virginia Wesleyan. Clubs, Greek Life and Sports organizations on campus, such as Alpha Sigma Alpha and the softball team, are registered to participate in the performance. 

After this performance from the VWU community, the 14-foot Leyland Cypress tree will be lit for the holiday season. Students are invited and encouraged to join the Off the Hook team in the Boyd Dining Center for a holiday feast after the festivities. 

Melina Cabral, a member of the Marlins Off the Hook team and student at Virginia Wesleyan, has experienced the adjusted version of the tradition that was held indoors last year with face coverings and is ready to be a part of the full tradition. 

“For the Christmas Tree Lighting, what is different about it this year from last year, is that we will actually be able to light the tree outside like normal. We will also be able to bring back past traditions back to normal such as drinking hot chocolate and singing the 12 Days of Christmas! Students can look forward to a fun Marlin Christmas tradition bringing school spirit and Christmas joy,” Cabral said.

By: Lauren Faulkner