College Republicans

The College Republicans Club was formed in spring 2020, right before the beginning of the pandemic, and has continued to be one of the most active student organizations on campus. 

Abigail Peterson, vice president of the College Republicans Club, shared information about the organization and its meeting. “We watch a PowerPoint presentation and discuss the topics that have been raised in the United States in the past few weeks. If we have a speaker, we talk with them for about an hour and ask questions. There is always some form of involvement and learning, such as a Kahoot at the end of meetings,” Peterson said.

Zoe Cruz, the treasurer of the club, shared about the organization’s mission. “The purpose is to get more involved in the community and bring more awareness to candidates who are running for office. It’s to encourage dialogue and educate everybody on what’s going on and make sure that not only are we informed, but be able to discuss it and be on the same page. Also to help out with campaigns of candidates and find out information about candidates. It’s an array of separate little things,” Cruz said.

The executive board of the College Republicans Club is Connor Merk serving as the chairman, Abigail Peterson as the vice president, Lindsay White as secretary and Zoe Cruz in office as treasurer.

Due to COVID-19 safety and health protocols, club meetings are held virtually. Peterson added, “At first, we met every other week in person and had speakers from off-campus as well. Now, during COVID, we are still meeting every other week with some events throughout the weeks online.” 

During meetings, discussions focus on current events that are in the news. “Whatever that is happening in the news, globally or concerning the United States, we’ll have discussions and give our opinions on what either concerns us or what we might think holds for the future. It gets us to think and have dialogue,” Cruz said.

Stay updated on the College Republicans Club meetings by following their page on Instagram @marlinsrepublicans. Meetings are usually held biweekly on Wednesdays evenings.

“We want to provide a place in which all political views are considered and discussed,” Peterson said.

By Tiffany Warren