Elevation 27 breaks stage boundaries

Featured Image: Voodoo Glow Skulls, an American ska punk band formed in 1988, performs with brothers Frank, Eddie and Jorge Casillas and longtime friend Jerry O’Neill. Cecilia Candelaria | Marlin Chronicle

Elevation 27 is a popular attraction in Virginia Beach, and not just because it’s a bar. If anything, the bar is secondary to the main attractions: live music and shows. 

Elevation 27 gives patrons a more chill version of the concert experience, and for a much lower price than what typical concert venues normally charge. Usually the tickets are $15-$20, and almost never exceed $30. That makes this place the perfect site for college students on a budget to enjoy a musical performance and a fun night out with friends. 

Typically, when someone thinks about a concert, the first few things that come to their mind are diehard fans lined up outside and wrapped around a large venue, exhausting and overbearing security guards checking every nook and cranny on you and whatever bag you brought along and everyone rushing to the front and cramming together so they can get a decent view of whichever artists are performing. Elevation 27 is different from the typical concert, though. 

Junior Marco Molino recently had the opportunity to watch the rock band The Happy Fits perform at Elevation 27. They said it was a super laid-back experience, and the staff and overall ambiance of the area was not overbearing whatsoever. 

That may be because smaller artists, local musicians, tribute/cover bands or bands that just aren’t mainstream generally perform here. But according to Molino, that just makes it that much more exciting. 

When seeing The Happy Fits perform at Elevation 27, Molino and their friends were able to meet the music group. “It was super cool and personal. The band was awesome to talk to,” Molino said. 

Because the venue is smaller than that of the typical concert, sometimes opening acts stand with the crowd and watch the main act play their set, or vice versa. 

From left to right, Virginia Wesleyan students Evelyn Weaver, Marco Molino and Baylee Brown taking a photo with the Winser, who opened for the show. Marco Molino | Courtesy

This experience happened for Molino and their group of friends that night. Molino recalled some of the opening performers catching their eye in the crowd. 

Just because Elevation 27 is a smaller, locally-based venue, that doesn’t mean the quality of the music or fun differs from any other typical place you would go to enjoy a live performance on a night out with friends. 

These shows still offer the same pristine sound quality and fun visual effects, such as lights and lasers with an assortment of colors, that provide attendees a satisfying experience. 

The only thing about this setting that may deter people, is the lack of seating. Since Elevation 27 consists of a spacious bar with a stage, there aren’t very many places to take a seat when you’re feeling tired. 

However, since the atmosphere is so easygoing, you probably won’t be exhausted to that point throughout the night during the gig. 

Usually the venue hosts performances by non-mainstream musical artists. The typical genres of music performed here are punk/ska punk, metal and rock. Occasionally there are rap, R&B or pop performances, but not as often as the other few genres.

A few shows that are coming up with an expected popular turnout are Beach Floyd, a Pink Floyd cover band playing on Oct. 20, Carnifex on Oct. 25, a performance called “Beyond The Grave” on Halloween and Emo Night on Nov. 4. Between, before and way after these dates there are countless other events happening that may interest students! 

The Elevation 27 website clearly lists everything you need to know about the show right on your screen, including date, time, ticket costs and age requirements, so there is no need for deep searching to find details. 

Keeping age requirements in mind, sometimes there are restrictions for people under 18 or 21, but the majority of the shows are for people of all ages to enjoy! I definitely recommend Elevation 27 to anyone of any age looking for an exciting yet low-key way to spend the evening. 


By Cecilia Candelaria