Hide And Go Die

Everyone loves a good game of hide and seek. For Samara Weaving, who played new bride Grace, this was very different from a childhood game. The film is a combination of horror and comedy  and full of mystery that keeps the audience on their toes while still having a good laugh. A family ritual made to ensure the lives of every Le Domas requires a game to be played the night of each wedding at the Le Domas’ family mansion. The ritual was seen as a “game” the family would play, but the game chosen that particular night had a very different set of rules. Their wedding day did not end as expected and instead caused her to fight with the people meant to accept her within an inch of her life,while learning how the family’s fortune convinces them their lives are far more valuable than a woman whose social class was far below them.

The concept of marriage is portrayed as a simple sacrifice and lack of morality, yet the audience sympathizes for the bride who blindly plays this sinister game of hide-and-seek until it becomes clear she is being hunted to death. Oddly enough, the husband who had seemed to have his wife’s best  intentions comes to surprise her at the end.

This movie is ideal for any audience seeking a film that is moderately scary. “Ready or Not” may seem more appealing to people who think the rich take advantage of everything especially their in-laws. Even with its  slight perks and though not as shocking but very necessary ending, it is definitely not worth a trip to the theater. It lacks the interesting back story and originality needed to truly mold a good movie. If you have ever seen a movie like Purge or almost any basic horror movie, you can say it rips off a little bit of each. The family members even do this peculiar  thing where they wear different kinds of odd masks. The movie definitely seems like it stretched its efforts as far as they could, but missed slight details that could have pieced the movie together better. Although the quality of the movie was less than expected, the actress expressed true fear with skills that allowed the audience to truly connect to her, making her the highlight of the film.

Valery Caraballo