Nostalgia and media

Staff Writer

Animated memories from the past are being reborn into movies

Do you get that feeling of euphoria in the pit of your stomach when you hear that your favorite cartoons and books from your childhood have been modernized and made into a movie? I know I do.
In recent years, there has been an increasing rise in that phenomenon. Classic superhero cartoons like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man have made their way to the big screen over the years, continuing in their popularity. And those are just a few.
Many Marvel superheroes, such as Captain America, Iron Man and the X-Men, have made their way onto the big screen.
Freshman Destiny Banks said, “I think it was a good idea to make the old superhero cartoons into movies because my generation starts to get more interested, and we have something to share with our parents.”
The TV show “21 Jump Street” was made into a movie which was so successful that it is getting a sequel, “22 Jump Street.” “Transformers” has become one of the biggest summer blockbuster movies, with the fourth installment set for a June 27 release date. With so many old cartoons becoming more successful in theaters, it was no surprise when it was decided that the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series would become a movie starring the likes of Megan Fox.
But it’s not just old TV shows and cartoons that are being made into movies. Books are finding their way onto the silver screens, as well. The one book series that may come to your mind is “Harry Potter,” which has become one of the most successful movie franchises in years. The “Lord of the Rings” book series has also grown in popularity with its movie trilogies and now “The Hobbit,” which is the prequel, has been making waves in the theater. The “Ender’s Game” book series was released into theaters last year but did poorly, so it has not been decided yet whether there will be a sequel. Another book-based movie whose release is highly anticipated is “The Giver,” which is set for an Aug. 15 release date.
Freshman Syreetha Frye said, “I think it’s cool to see books made into movies, to see if the director of the movie depicted the character like the way I pictured it as I was reading.”
Overall, people like to see old cartoons re-birthed and books made into movies, because it brings back memories of their childhood. Movies based on books also give them actual faces to picture for the book characters they have grown to love.