Love Liberally

Virginia Wesleyan recently celebrated its 8th annual Love Liberally celebration of love in the Liberal Arts. Feb. 12-22 across campus various professors opened their classrooms to visitors during special lectures that showcased love in some shape or fashion. In the Hofheimer Library students could go on a blind date with a book. The library featured various books that had their covers covered, and it only had a small description of the novel. This activity was a way for students to get reading and learn to not judge a book by its cover. The Center for the Study for Religious Freedom had an event where faculty and students could come make a Valentine’s Day card for someone based on one of the interesting themes that they offered.

For the liberal arts celebration, math professor Kathy Ames opened her office for students and faculty for “I Love 3D Printing: A 3D Printing Open House.” There she showed all who visited the 3D printer her and some of her students had been working with and showed a few objects and figurines that they made. While she gave a brief overview of how the printer worked, all visitors a 3D-printed heart-shaped bookmark.

Another interesting event was “Puppy Love”. For SOC 237 Animals and Society, Caitlin Sierra from Four Paws Inn and Canine Training Unlimited came and did a presentation on the types of relationships that people have with dogs and also gave some insight on the importance of doing your research when getting ready to get a dog, whether you’re going to buy from a breeder or adopt from a shelter.

There were many other events throughout the two-week celebration. All of them were different and gave students a faculty a fun way to fall in love with the liberal arts.

Cynthia Griffin