Science Club Review

The Science Club is back on campus for the first time in over three years, since before the school changed names from Virginia Wesleyan College to Virginia Wesleyan University. 

The club is led by Ezekiel “Zeke” Herrera-Bevan, as president, Zack Hubbard, as vice-president, and Dr. Katrina Henry, as faculty advisor. The newly-revamped club is still searching for students to fill the treasurer and secretary roles. 

The club aims to celebrate and empower others to learn more about science. Additionally, the club wants to make science more accessible to those not studying a STEM field in school, as they would not otherwise be exposed to the opportunity of exploring science. The club also wishes to make science “fun,” by providing a low-risk setting to have a hands-on experience.

In the club’s upcoming meetings, they will discuss future executive board members and vacancies. They will also plan events for the school year. 

Some of their upcoming event ideas include a species identification treasure hunt, science-based trivia, a field trip to the local recycling plant, hikes/nature walks to nearby nature sites, planting a native pollinator garden with Marlins Go Green and large-scale experiments, such as a baking soda rocket launch and “elephant’s toothpaste.”

The club plans to continue to meet in an in-person, classroom setting, as the size of the club is relatively small. As the president, Herrera-Bevan said, “It’s essential to have stuff relating to science be in-person.” With new updates to the university’s COVID-19 social distancing policy, this club will most likely change how they will be meeting this semester. 

The Science Club’s president characterized this year as being an interesting challenge to be starting a club during a pandemic. However, he is optimistic for the spring semester, as group meeting restrictions are poised to be less stringent. This will allow for more in-person experiments and lively scientific discussions. 

The Science Club is actively seeking new members. If students are interested in joining, they can contact either Herrera-Bevan ( or Dr. Katrina Henry (

By Jack Palmer