Scripter says goodbye

Featured Image: Alysse Scripter and work-study students at the VWU Men’s Basketball game. Dr. Larry D. Hultgren | Courtesy

Dear Virginia Wesleyan, 

I am now closing a chapter here at VWU, where I have spent the last three years as the Director of Athletic Communications for a wonderful group of student-athletes and coaches!

These three years have been some of the hardest but most rewarding years in my career. I came into this position during the network outage in December 2019 and a few short months later the world came to a halt due to COVID in March 2020. 

We came back in the fall of 2020 for in person classes while participating in no sporting events, but then went on to play all 22 sports in the spring of 2021. This was very, very challenging as a single person office. I leaned heavily on my work study students to help make it through these challenging times and grew to love and appreciate each and every one of them over the years. 

While my three years here have been knowledgeable and challenging, I have made some of the best relationships with students, interns and coaches, as well as other co-workers throughout the university that I will cherish. It warms my heart knowing that I was able to help a few, or maybe more, students learn about future potential careers and grow into incredible young adults before my eyes. 

I will miss the days where my office is full of students just hanging out between classes, or chilling with me for the day, just because they enjoyed being in shared company. I will miss the basketball games where we have eight strong up on the track cheering on the Marlins and solving life problems during timeouts. My kids know that I am always there for them and my door is always open. 

While my time here has come to a close, I want to share some wisdom I have learned while at VWU. Take that step that challenges your comfort zone. Talk to someone you ordinarily wouldn’t. And greet everyone with a smile, and a nice pair of boots, and it might just be the bright spot in their day that changes the rest of the day’s outcome for them. A little kindness goes a long way!

And most of all, It’s a Great Day to be a Marlin!


Alysse Scripter