Student Activities leaders hopeful for even more events next Fall

As the 2020/2021 academic year wraps up, Melina Cabral and Matt Hardy interviewed with the Marlin Chronicle to reflect on their experience as members of the Off the Hook team during the COVID-19 pandemic and what next year will bring for the VWU community. 


What do you think was the most difficult part of planning events this year? 

Melina: “The limit of people. Because we can have fun events… in the fall we had Bubble Soccer. But then the event limit went down from 50 people to 10 people [and] it made it impossible.” 

Matt: “We can have fun events but because of COVID-19 we can’t bring back everything.” 


What was your favorite event this year and why?

Melina: “I personally loved Bubble Soccer in August or September which was really fun because everyone wanted to do it. It was the beginning of the semester [and] outside so everyone could come out and participate while still being safe.”


Are there any traditions you wanted to bring back but ultimately did not? 

Melina: “We had so many plans for those and didn’t get to do any of them because of COVID-19 regulations.” 

Matt: “Thankfully Mud Games and Glow Party are coming back next semester. Pub and Club, Blackout Party, Pajama Party, the Christmas Tree Party and the Halloween Party.” 


What is one idea for an event that you had that fell through? 

Melina: “Spirit Splash. It was going to be really fun, we were gonna have a full day of water games and get one of those blow-up rally race things, but hopefully we can do that next semester.” 


What does being fully in-person next year mean for the Student Activities team? 

Melina: “It’s going to be nonstop events and activities. If it is going to be back to normal with a no in-person limit, then it is going to be so much fun. I hope to have events with no in-person limit. I am hoping everything is going to be more normal.”


 How do you think the Student Activities did during this year? 

Melina: “I think it was a really good year and looking at other schools, I was really happy I came to Virginia Wesleyan, especially as a freshman. Most of my friends from high school did not get any events at all and got sent home to stay online so I think we did a good job at least to bring as much fun as we could. I think it was as successful as it could have been.” 

Matt: “I was thinking back on it, saying that senior year kind of sucked–but it didn’t, really. It was still a fun year, and all about making fun yourself. You can’t just wait for the school to make fun for you, you have to get involved and hang out with your friends. It’s been fun being a Marlin!”

By Lauren Faulkner