The Sweet Spot

Light pink dining tables and chairs sit outside with flowers arranged alongside them and a giant pink and white ice cream perches in the display window. Above the display window is a vivid board of the assorted sweet desserts with pictures of churros waffles and ice cream. For those who have a sweet-tooth craving or desire something sugary to get through the day, visit The Sweet Spot, a local dessert shop, located on Atlantic Ave at the Oceanfront.

The Sweet Spot’s interior design has bright, colorful tropical wallpaper trimmed with decorative flower arrangements along the side of the ceiling. Through a glass dome container were large buckets filled with a variety of exciting ice cream flavors. Blueberry, cheesecake, pistachio, lemon sorbet, double fudge brownie and dulce de leche are just a few choices from their vast array of flavors. Next to the ice cream station were big jars of assorted toppings such as sprinkles, candies, marshmallows, donuts, cookies and graham crackers. Behind the register, a cute backsplash of glittery silver sequins with glowing pink lights stated, “I love you alatte.” The other side of the wall has a colorful mounted menu of many dessert options to decide from crepes churros lattes funnel cake and so much more that make a simple choice difficult for first comers.

A student from Old Dominion University, Tyaun Miller, ordered the Mellow S’more Churro. “The churros were light soft and sugary with marshmallows in the ice cream. It definitely had a nice mix of s’more with the graham crackers and chocolate. It looked like it was just cooked over a fire,” Miller said. The chocolate strawberry bubble waffle was a galore of sweetness. Chocolate syrup was drizzled on the scoops of strawberry ice cream, with thinly sliced strawberries and a top of whip cream for the finishing touch.
The Sweet Spot is Instagram-worthy to showcase its decorative style of their shop and most importantly their creative sweet treats. Follow them @thsweetspotvb on Instagram or to see their beautiful and mouthwatering creations come to life.

Tiffany Warren