Women’s Basketball season comes to a wrap

The Marlin women fought hard and finished the season with a record of 6 wins and 20 losses. The team was able to make it to conference playoffs before losing to Guildford in the first round.

“One of the nice parts of any athletic program is when one of the games towards the end of your season really counts for something. Our last home game against Ferrum College, the winner of that game would get a birth in the tournament and it was also our senior day. So to come away from that game not only with a win, but a dominating performance in which we were winning the game all 40 minutes,” Coach Hudy said. 

Junior Sabrina Jones agreed, saying, “the game against Ferrum was my favorite, because we were fighting for a playoff spot. This game was all or nothing and we gave it our all to make it to the next round.”

Jones talked about what she sees out of this team. “As a team we want to continue to grow and personally I want to work on my 3-point shot and continue to grind all summer.” 

Hudy also said the team’s strength was “our comradery, having that drive to push each other and wanting to be the best we can be. Also being there for one another and supporting each other throughout the entire year.” 

Hudy then mentioned some of the challenges that this group faced this season. “We were really young this year; we didn’t have a true senior on the team. So for us just getting better and getting that experience. We had a lot of young players that were put into roles that they had to step into so having that experience will really help us next year.”

Hudy also praised several athletes for their performance this season. “Sabrina Jones and Jessica Jennings from a statistical standpoint that were definitely our go-to players on the offensive end. They both had injuries throughout the year and had to miss time which kind of hurt us. It was nice that they were able to come back for our last couple games and really help us make a run at the end,” Hudy said.

The Marlins are going to look to build off of the experience they gained last season. The Marlins were able to pick up a victory when their season was on the line in the final home game of the season against Ferrum.  

Jordan Wilson