D23 Expo: A whole new world

Old classics are coming back with a new twist, with numerous Disney favorites coming out with sequels and  remakes of the true classics that everyone knows and loves. The D-23 Expo happened from Sept. 9 – 11. The expo happens once every two years and it is a way for Disney lovers to celebrate the past, present and future of Disney. 

For those who may not know, D-23 is the official Disney fan club celebrating the wonder and excitement of everything Disney. “The Little Mermaid” and “Snow White” are two of the most recent remakes that were revealed at D-23. 

“The Little Mermaid’’ will be  32-years-old this November. Halle Bailey, from the duo Chlöe and Halle, as Ariel of this generation while Jonah Hauer-King, from the movie “A Dog’s Way Home,” is Prince Eric. Giving everyone a chance to be a part of their world, the movie will be coming to theaters near us on May 26, 2023. 

It gives a modernized view of who the characters are while still keeping true to the original films. The film will give our younger selves a chance to view it in a real perspective. 

Younger girls dreaming of seeing princesses who look like them is a feeling that many feel, and it is a dream finally coming to life now. Seeing Halle Bailey as Ariel is life-changing and encouraging to many young girls, and shows them that they can do anything they put their mind to no matter what they look like. Like many remakes, it may be second best to the original but this remake may be one of the better remakes, due to the cast. 

The other upcoming remake is “Snow White,” following behind numerous Snow White inspired movies. With this film first being announced in 2016, it finally has a release date of March 22, 2024. With Rachel Zegler, from “West Side Story,” as Snow White and Gal Gadot, from “Wonder Woman,” as the Evil Queen, the cast is star-studded.

This movie has been a thought for six years now and it is finally becoming real for Disney enthusiasts around the world. “Snow White” is a tale that every young girl knows and it can teach a lesson about watching who they trust. This movie being remade may give younger girls a better understanding and visual of everything that could happen. 

Seeing a newer version of those movies personally makes me extremely excited because growing up I only could see the animated versions and it felt like it started to get boring as I got older. For example, seeing the live action “Beauty and the Beast” was amazing because it showed scenes in a different way that made the movie seem better. These versions just may seem like an enhanced version to young adults and adults but to children these movies could mean so much more to them since they are having different people play roles that can change a young child’s dream and make them feel like they can do anything. 

Alongside “Snow White” and “The Little Mermaid,” a few more movies were announced that will be released in the next year or two. The next movie that will also be released in 2023 is the “Peter Pan and Wendy” remake  of the original animated version from 1953 “Peter Pan.” Even though there have been other versions of “Peter Pan,” such as in 1991 with Robin Williams as Captain Hook and the 2003 version with Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook, those versions sadly aren’t made by Disney. Since D-23, we only have knowledge of the cast and the initial release date. 

For Disney lovers that fell in love with the movie “Enchanted,” their hearts will be full once  “Disenchanted” comes out Nov. 24, 2022. “Disenchanted” follows Giselle, played by Amy Adams, 10 years after finding her happily ever after. The trailers  leave viewers wanting to know if Giselle is truly happy in her happily-ever-after. This movie will be available on Disney+ this Thanksgiving. 

After COVID-19, most movies started to only be released via streaming platforms, but with cases decreasing, movies are finally going back to theaters as well as being released on streaming platforms. For Disney, there is no set information regarding their movies being released in theaters or if they will only be released on Disney+.  

I personally believe that Disney should continue to release movies on Disney+ and in theaters because it boosts the chances of someone randomly coming across the movie when they are bored and want to find something interesting to watch. For theaters, many people do love the movie theater experience such as getting the movie theater buttered popcorn and sitting in those semi comfortable seats with random people all enjoying the same movie. 

The streaming also works for people who are antisocial and don’t like going to public places. Personally I feel more comfortable at home watching movies with my family, but occasionally I love going to theaters and watching them just for the experience. Also, having the films on the streaming platforms makes rainy days better because you can binge-watch random movies and come across so many new movies that many wouldn’t have known were only being released on streaming platforms.

By Mikayla Moscatelli